Lip service... literally.

So Mark, what kind of voiceover work do you do?

Oh hey, thanks for asking. It's a mixed bag really.

Recent work, for example, has been:

  • 2 corporate narrations for a large oil corporation

  • An explainer for a pest control company

  • A corporate narration for a cement company

  • A corporate narration for a machine filter company

  • An explainer for a software company that produce consumer behaviour profiling apps.

  • An explainer for DHL

  • eLearning for a company explaining how to use their 'eShop'

  • An explainer for a company that provides warranty services for drivers

  • A directed session for a company producing eLearning courses explaining Trauma and Loneliness.

  • A multi-part explainer for a company who automate HR and Payroll services

  • An ongoing series for explainers for HMG and various British High Commissions explaining processes for ex-pats now Britain has left the EU (Brexit, it's the gift that keeps on giving).

  • A couple of radio commercials for a local Guernsey station, and Gaydio Brighton.

So, yeah, a spread of different (mainly corporate) voiceover work.

It's never dull!

If you want to hire me for your next project, take a look at the contact page and drop me a line. Have a listen to my demos too while you're there.

Speak soon.


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