What's the process?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

"Hey Mark! We’d like to hire you to provide a voiceover for our project, what's the process of working with you?"

Oh, hi! Glad you asked. The process is very simple!

1 - Send me your script. 2 - Let me know where, when and for how long the audio will be used. 3 - I quote you a price (including VAT) and usage fees if required and advise of my terms and conditions for retakes. 4 - We hopefully agree on the price(!) 5 - We discuss the vocal direction/style you’d like. 6 - I record, edit and send you the audio or we arrange a time for a live session, and then I record with you listening in and directing. 7 - You either sign off the audio, or advise of any edits. 8 - I invoice you 9 - You pay me

10 - Everyone happy!

Drop me an email? mark@southcoastvoices.co.uk

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