Where I work, what I work with...

"Mark! Tell us a bit about your studio. What equipment do you use, that kind of thing?"

Sure, no problem.

So, my studio is in two parts. The bit where I look busy and speak into a microphone, and the other bit where I watch cat videos on the internet and edit my audio.

The booth is a 2.1m x 2.1m x 2.1m Esmono booth from the very helpful people at Studio Spares. They supplied, delivered and built it for me a few years ago - 2018 I think. It wasn’t a cheap purchase; but if you go cheap you’ll sound cheap and in this business that’s not particularly good for your career!

My microphone is a Neumann TLM103 which is an industry standard microphone for voiceover work and really works well with my voice. A question voiceovers get asked a lot (apart from ‘how do I become a voiceover…’) is what microphone should I get? That’s not something anyone can decide for you. You need to test a few and go for the one that works for you and expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be the best.

Next is my DAW or Digital Audio Workstation. This is the magic box that turns what I say in to the microphone into a digital signal that I can work with when I’m done with the cat videos. I use an Audient ID4.

The signal then goes from the ID14 to my iMac - which I spend far too much time in front of, but be honest, it’s a beautiful bit of kit and the screen is amazing.

I edit my audio in Adobe Audition, which along with Pro Tools and Reaper, is an industry standard bit of software to clean up, and edit the audio before sending on to my lovely clients.

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